Over the years, we have welcomed a very interesting range of renters — most of them weekly regulars offering classes in:  International Folk Dance, Zumba Fitness, Yoga, Qigong, Martial Arts, UConn Summer Courses, and even Tango Dancing!  The dancers and fitness folks love our suspended wood floor; it’s so much more forgiving than modern construction poured concrete-based floors.  The space measures approximately 30' x 40'.  Heat and AC included in rental rate.  Many of our renters have been so successful with start-up ventures using our space, that they’ve gone on to open their own studios!

Currently, we have time blocks available for rental opportunities, particularly on weekdays and Monday-Thursday evenings.  In addition to the classes already noted, our space would be ideal for a meditation group, ballet, instrumental lessons, tutoring sessions, and so much more.  Please keep this in mind if you know of someone seeking space. Our rates are VERY reasonable.  We do ask renters to provide us with a Certificate of Liability Insurance.  Interested renters should please use our Contact Us page to inquire.