I am grateful to serve as the Rabbi of Temple Beth Torah because it embodies the Spirit of Openness, which Jewish community and religious life at their most honest, meaningful, moving and joyous express.  TBT events and activities—Sunday school, Shabbat services and study, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, our Tu biShvat seder, parties and get-togethers—unfold in a relaxed, organic way.  Everyone pitches in.  People show up and participate because they want to be there.  No pretense, and yet, what you see is less than what you get.  From beneath its unassuming exterior, our synagogue radiates human warmth, compassion, sincerity.  We respect the diversity, and cherish everyone, in our midst:  we like each other and truly want to be together.  It is a circle of friends, welcoming to all.  Please join us!